About Me


My name is Joshua Nissan aka "steel" in the online world. I have been competing in the Counter-Strike series at the highest level for the better half of a decade. During my time as an active competitor, I have won many domestic events and placed at a number of international events.

I am most well known for my stream personality as an outgoing, short fused, ill tempered player, but I also take some time out to produce educational content pertaining to CS:GO specifically about game philosophy, strategy, and tutorials.




I currently offer CS:GO lessons for players and teams to help guide them in the right direction in their competitive play. My lessons are designed for players who are committed to getting better at the game and understanding game mechanics and map dynamics at a deeper level so that they develop proper habits at an earlier stage of playing the game.

A demo of one of your recent games where you performed normally (not doing better or worse than usual) will be required prior to the session so that I can gauge what kind of player you are and what type of lesson you will benefit most from.

Things that I can cover in a lesson:
- Tactical Reading/Strat Calling
- Team composition and roles
- Positioning & Crossfires
- Passive playstyle: when do you let the enemy come to you?
- Aggressive playstyle: when and where to play aggressive
- Playing as a team vs playing for frags
- Map Dynamics: CT or T sided? How to take map control.
- Internal Communications & Team dynamics

*Note: I currently have a backlog of lessons that I cannot get around to so my current lesson price is $300/session. The session lasts as long as it requires to cover all necessary topics in-depth. Minimum session time is 1 hour long.


Game Settings

Resolution: 1920x1080
Sensitivity: 1.0
Raw Input: On
More Settings
Steel Game Config
Practice Server Config

Computer Specs

CPU: Intel i7-4770k Motherboard: Asus Z97-A
SSD: Intel 530 series
RAM: 8GB 1600MHz
Video Card: nVidia GTX770 2GB
Case: Corsair 500r
Capture Card: AverMedia Live Gamer HD
More Specs

OBS Settings

Bitrate 3500kbit
Encoding Preset: Veryfast
FPS: 60
Resolution: 1280x720


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